This is not a drill. The master of the crime film, and one of the most influential directors of all time, Martin Scorsese, is returning this Autumn. is bringing his new film to Netflix. Starring frequent collaborator Robert De Niro as Frank Sheeran, a hitman who recalls his history with the mob, Al Pacino (they’re finally working together!) as Jimmy Hoffa, the union boss who famously disappeared, and Pesci playing Russel Bufalino, this is a very exciting project.

Compared to The Wolf of Wall Street, this film appears to have a much more sombre tone. There is none of the nonchalant debauchery hyped up by an epic Kanye West beat in this trailer. It also looks much less energetic than Goodfellas. The Irishman looks like a more muted, slower and considered story of the criminal underworld. We are in for a less glamourised, and much more murky portrayal of the mob life. Despite differing from previous work, this trailer reminds us that the film is in very safe, familiar hands. Scorsese’s signature style is all over this.

We get a glimpse at the de-aged De Niro and the technology is looking as impressive as ever. How do they do it? The Irishman depicts a large period of Sheeran’s life, so this technology will likely be used for the earlier parts of the film (assuming it is in chronological order).

The film will open New York Festival. For those not fortunate to enough to have a ticket for that, the film comes to Netflix later in the year. Given the commercial failure and lack of awards buzz surrounding the underrated Silence, it is perhaps not a surprise that Scorsese is going back to his roots for this film. The trailer is, at the time of writing, number two on YouTube trends, so this will likely be a smart career move for Scorsese. Much like the rise and fall of Nintendo, with the highly successes Wii console being followed by the commercial bomb of the Wii U, only to be followed by the successful Switch, Scorsese is likely aiming to capture the imaginations of film audiences like he did with The Wolf of Wall Street. This trailer gives me confidence that he will. I’m very excited indeed.

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